Thursday, March 24, 2011

Warren Golf and Country Club

                    The Club was founded by Brigadier Derek Warren on 1 May 1962 when he was Commanding Officer of the 18th Signal Regiment.

                   The origin of Warren Golf Club came about because the Regiment was then responsible for maintaining the land along Dover Road. According to Brigadier Derek Warren, "the Regiment had a great deal of land to look after and they decided to put it to good use." There was also a few fanatic golfers in the Regiment and some of them found existing golf clubs expensive. Lastly being a fanatic gardener, Brigadier Derek Warren longed for the opportunity to "transform acres and acres [of land] into glorious parkland".

Members of that time unanimously voted to name the Club after Brigadier Derek Warren.

When the British Forces moved out in 1970, Brigadier Derek Warren negotiated with the Singapore government to ensure retention of the land that the course was sited on. He later handed the presidency of the Club to Dr Yeoh Ghim Seng, former Speaker of the Singapore Parliament in August of the same year.

After leaving Singapore,  Brigadier Derek Warren made a few more visits to the club and was impressed by how much it had continued to grow.


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